Name Sassafras
Location Eastern North America
Texture/Grain Coarse/Open
Specific Gravity 0.46
Hardness Soft
Strength Weak
T/R Stability 6.2/4.0%






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iew our "Sawdust Sessions"  in our unique "virtual classroom" format with downloadable plans, pictures, and instructions – all free. Each session covers a  woodworking topic such as tool maintenance and repair, alignment and adjustment, woodworking techniques and projects, and other information of interest to craftsmen. Many of these topics are suggested by the good folks who view them. If you'd like to see a presentation on a specific topic, please let us know, either on our Forum or through e-mail. And if you'd like to send us a presentation of your own for possible inclusion in the Workshop Companion, we'd be tickled pea-green to review it.

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Making a Finger Plane   Cutting Coves on a Table Saw   Preventing and Removing Rust

A finger plane (also called a "violin" plane) is a small smoothing plane. While it may seem like a toy to some, it's one of those tools that once you have one you wonder how you ever did without it. I use mine constantly for fitting, smoothing tight spots, and touching up surfaces. They can be hard to find and expensive when you do, but they are also remarkably easy to make. I made this from a few scraps of Cocobolo, an old cut-off tool, and some bits of brass. Includes free plans.
Although table saws are designed primarily to make straight cuts, you can also use them to cut deep, wide coves, such as the cove in this crown molding. With the help of a simple jig, you can cut these coves to precisely the depth and width desired. Includes plans for a parallel rule jig.
Know thine enemy. And if you work with tools of iron and steel, then rust is an enemy against which you wage a continuous war. This presentation will give you a better understanding of what rust is and how it forms. It also presents formulas, chemicals, abrasives, and equipment -- some store-bought, some homemade -- for removing rust and preventing it from forming.

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 "Abundant to all the needs of man, how poor the world would be without wood."
Eric Sloane in Reverence for Wood


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necessary to woodworkers and practitioners of the wood arts
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By Nick Engler.

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